Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Whoo boy, I can almost see you recoiling now. Why would I waste my time reading such drivel? Nay rather, drivel is one thing – horror an entirely other pointless pursuit. I’m inclined to agree. Nevertheless I rarely partake in fictional works mostly because they are drivel. Classics however might be different. I’m not exactly prone to read recent fiction (though I have) but seeing how many adaptations in both script and screen have stemmed from Bram Stoker’s vampire story I thought it might be worth investing some time trying to figure out what made it stick. Mark this, I would never suggest reading this book but at the same time I’ll say that for my part it was not entirely without merit. Modern fiction doesn’t have much room for God but classic fiction does. Even though the author (or the characters in the book) may or may not have or espouse a Biblical worldview – it is remarkable to see the way that basic Christian precepts bleed through the pages sometimes quite by accident. Bram Stoker’s Dracula is no exception. Many of the vampire legends which you may be familiar with are located in Stoker’s novel. There is, admittedly some dispute as to how much of it began with […]