1 Timothy 3:11 Women, Wives or Deacons

Just As the church began to grow and change from the band of Apostles and about an hundred followers of Jesus it strained under the sudden addition of three thousand souls on the day of Pentecost. Surely God was teaching them also in that time that he was in charge of the church and he will grow it according to his design. Many of the difficulties which arose early came as a result of that growth.

1 Timothy 3:3 Character Counts 4

Have you ever had the experience of meeting someone and finding them to be disagreeable in a variety of ways? Maybe they have a bad attitude or they have habits that make them out to just be the kind of person you don't want to hang around with. Now, imagine meeting that person and then after you've formed all your opinions you find out that they are a Christian or worse yet, a pastor. The effects can be catastrophic.

From the positive requirements of what the elder or pastor should be, Paul moves now to what we must not be.

1 Timothy 3:2 Character Counts 3

How many of you have been to the Grand Canyon? Did you take pictures of the whole canyon? It really doesn't matter how big your camera is you simply cannot take one complete picture of the Grand Canyon. If you want a picture of the Grand canyon you're going to have to take hundreds of photographs and stitch them all together into one massive photo.

When you look into the qualifications to be an overseer or pastor what you're really getting is one snapshot of maturity in Christ. It's not a complete picture but it is a good picture. As much as that picture describes what Pastor's should be, it also describes what every believer should be growing to be. As such it is best understood as a series of Character traits which manifest or display themselves in daily life.