Walking As Jesus Walked

One morning two young boys, Ryan and Jimmy, came downstairs to find their mother making pancakes. Both boys sat down at the table just as mom placed the first small batch in the center of the table. Immediately they both lunged for the platter and within seconds they were screaming at the top of their lungs fighting over the pancakes – each one trying desperately to be first.
Their mother realized this would be a good time for not only correction but some instruction as well. So she picked the pancakes up and waited for the boys to grow quiet. Once they had subsided to silence she said, "Boys – yesterday your father told you that Jesus gave himself for others. If we are going to be like Him we also need to sacrifice for other people. If Jesus were sitting here at the table this morning he would not be fighting over these pancakes. Jesus would let someone else go first while he waited for the next batch. So I want you boys to remember that and act more like Jesus."

Both boys nodded in unison as mom once again placed the pancakes on the table and turned to attend to the griddle. As soon as her back was turned, Jimmy sat up straight and snatched the plate as he shouted out, "Ryan, you be Jesus!"