Jeremiah – Suffering and Faithfulness

For anyone who has ever imagined that suffering only happens to the godless – they simply haven’t read the Bible. Find me one character, one person in the Bible who did not suffer for being righteous. Every major player did. Today I was caught up in Jeremiah – known as the weeping prophet. Called at a young age, God equipped him to serve him faithfully as a prophet. Jeremiah obeyed – and Jeremiah suffered enormously. He was taken through such agonizing stress – enduring animosity and hatred from every corner till God was quite literally all he had left. No surprise then that I would close that reading with a prayer only to be interrupted by a phone call and a report of suffering on the other end of the line. Not suffering from sickness, or even from sin. But Suffering for doing the right thing. God is indeed awe-inspiring. He brought me where I needed to be – in order to minister to that caller and to pray fervently for God’s grace to sustain them even as they suffered. May it be that God will always do exactly that – in fact I believe that God always prepares one of his servants to minister and strengthen those that are hurting. It just happened by his Mercy and Grace to be my turn today.