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The Trouble Without a Sermon Series

I’m a sermon series kind of guy. I like to preach sermon series and I like to listen and learn from a series. I don’t normally function well in the vacuum of “what am I going to preach on this coming Sunday?” I know that there are many pastor’s out there who never or seldom preach a series, they prefer to “go to the mountain” to get the week’s message. I’ve heard a few of them preach and they are sometimes incredible, and other times less so — just like series preachers. When I’m in the middle of a series I don’t have to “go to the mountain” but that doesn’t mean that I’m not praying through the week. I suppose one argument in favor of not doing a series is that it forces you to listen hard for what God might want to say. My problem however, is that it doesn’t tend to build my faith – but rather tears it up. When It’s Wednesday and I don’t know what I’m going to preach next, I fret. You know what I mean. Give me a series and I can settle into a routine of preaching that enables me to stretch my mind and focus my thoughts. I think I reap the benefit of not worrying Monday through Thursday about what I’m going to preach […]