Youth Group


Confronted with a sudden and mostly inexplicable need for a multiplayer game of Battleship I whipped this up in a few minutes and thought I’d share it.
If you’re so inclined I’ve included a PDF of it below, along with the original Openoffice ODG file.
Play is pretty simple.
Print out as many copies as you’ll need and fold in half.
Draw your ships quickly on the bottom half.

Ready, Set Stop!

A Friend of mine sent me this and asked, “Is there a spiritual application…?”

Sure there’s a spiritual application.
A number of people were told about the experiment and agreed to take part. Another large number of people never had a chance to even hear about the experiment. When the moment came, everyone who knew were frozen. All the nonparticipants could do was watch, stare, or even ignore it. But they were too late to take part in it.

Sounds allot like salvation doesn’t it? Some people have been told and they’re prepared to take part in it. Others haven’t even been told. But when that moment comes and Christ comes for his church the rest of the world will only be able to stare in disbelief and perhaps do their best to just ignore it.

Are you ready for that group freeze?