One of the tasks holding me back in my full restoration and continued involvement with the website has been the burden of extracting the text of all my old posts out of the former – very broken – database.  database extraction is not a strong suit of mine.

I had a few offers of some incredibly generous individuals who said they would happily do it for me, but I finally decided I don’t want to mess with it any more.

Old sermons might get reposted, old series restored. But I’m no longer trolling my archives for the ancient. It’s time to move on.

If you remember a post that you wish you had access to try to describe it in the comment section or pound out an email.  Otherwise it’s time to press on.

I’m not a prophet but you can put this on your calendar right now:

Every year right at Easter, and just before Christmas the media will post articles and TV shows calling into question any and every doctrine of Christianity. Their methodology is fairly consistent:

  1. Find a core doctrine to refute (has God really said…?)
  2. Find a liberal scholar who supports the view they want, and ignore any input from conservative Christian scholasticism.
  3. Wrap it up in a sensationalist title and market it as a “secret” that the church has been hiding from the masses.

It is a pattern as old as Genesis 3:

  1. Question (Has God really said…?)
  2. Denial (You won’t really die!)
  3. Fluff your pride (You’ll be just like God…)