Monthly Archives: June 2005

Dealing With Distraction

Anyone here ever struggle with distraction? I just finished glossing through a book on adult ADHD. There was a survey in there and I matched up nearly perfectly. Suddenly I realize I’m ADHD which doesn’t help me in my struggle to stay focused but merely explains it.
I suppose it’s a bit like sin. I’ve got it, but knowing that doesn’t help, I need to be pulled out of it by Jesus.
So I’ve got to choose what pulls me out of distraction. I’m not one to prefer drug treatment of something like this. I’d rather find a lifestyle change that helps to bridge the gaps in my brain.

Dear Haiti

Dear Haiti – (no not the country but all the people that make up the country.) The first time I visited you I came with a team and we spent our time building a church, evangelizing and working on Radio’s so that many of you could hear the gospel. It was an exciting trip – and it broke my heart for Haiti. I wanted to communicate to you all the love that Jesus Christ has for you. But my voice only reached a few and some of you refuse to listen. So I made a second trip and now a third. I thought the third trip might be different, but I loved it again. Some people might complain about the heat, but I don’t mind it. Still your country takes a bit of getting used to since it’s so much different from my own. Your sudden mountains and beautiful people are firmly embedded in my mind’s eye. Once the plane landed I was greeted by my host who ushered me through customs at the airport, took my baggage and taxied me through the streets of Cap-Haitian on the way to Vaudreuil¬†and the OMS compound. (Driving in Haiti is a bit like a game of high-speed “chicken” it’s exhilarating to say […]