Monthly Archives: September 2005

Am I A Powerpoint Christian?

 All Blow and No Go I was reading an article this week about a technology company that had finally moved from the boardroom to actually building something, the president of the company made a simple remark that got me thinking.  He simply said, “We’re not a PowerPoint company anymore…we’re a hardware company…”[1] I was struck immediately with the significance of what he said as it applied to more than just his company but to me as an individual; really to all of us – not as a congregation or a group – but as individuals.  The concept of moving from a PowerPoint company to a hardware company was meant to convey that until this moment of product testing, for the last few years everything they had done existed only on paper.  They had attended meeting after meeting, and endured one “collaborative design” session after another but hadn’t yet produced a product. How long can a company remain a company if all they ever do is meet in the boardroom?   At some point in time, the idea swapping and focus sharpening that happens in the boardroom has got to translate into a product coming off the factory floor or the investors are going to drop you like a hot potato. As […]