Daily Archives: September 18, 2005

Never Give Up on a Lost Cause

We all know someone who fits the mold of the lost cause.  For each of us someone comes into our mind when we say the word “impossible”  Think about that person for a moment that you have tried a million times to work with and they do nothing but make your life and your job miserable.  Or what about that person from years ago that knew you when and now doesn’t respect your faith because of how you used to be.  Think about that person that you have given the gospel to a dozen times and yet they still won’t believe. The gospel of Jesus is communicated and Refused.  Love is offered and rejected.  your heart feels ripped out and your own faith feels shaken, you finally come to the conclusion that this person will never fully comprehend the power of God and will never be able to share your joy. You feel like you’ve done everything you can to bring about change in their life and yet you find yourself still rejected and ridiculed.  You believe you have found a lost cause, a hopeless case. And sometimes we feel like giving up. But God never gives up on a lost cause.  God doesn’t see it the way we do.  […]