Church Multimedia Movies and Graphics

Information & License for use

Our church started using Multimedia in 2005 after installing a system from Shepherd Ministries.
Initially we purchased with that system several licensed graphics and
movies. They're good, but from time to time I'll have a chance to build
my own or one of our system technicians will build either some graphics
or short video's for the occasion.
Some are good, others are great and others perhaps not so great but if
you can use them to assist with worship in your church you're welcome
to them. No other use is valid as far as I'm concerned. If you think I
should make an exception send me an email and I'll reply ASAP.


None yet (well some, but they aren't posted yet ☺ )


  • To Cling, Climb, and Celebrate in Christ.
    (My wife made the base drawing one night just doodling and I scanned and animated the vine using GIMP. After that each image was brought into AVID free DV so that it grows up the trellis.)
    Thumbnail of the Movie: To Cling, Climb, and Celebrate in Christ
  • Remember 9-11.
    (One of our techs in the church made this one using Windows Photostory3 and Moviemaker.)
    The Video is in a compressed ZIP file aprox 20mb