Lightning Strikes Four Times

I've heard it a dozen times at least, "Lightning never strikes twice in
the same place." Lies, all of it. Lightning does indeed strike twice.
Our church's website was being hosted on my own computer, and it was
struck by lightning. Probably through the phone line but still struck
by lightning. (The phoneline wasn't the Internet connection, it was for
So what's the big deal? This is the third time the computer serving as
mine has been struck by lightning.
The first strike was actually "twins". I had a computer I'd built from
scratch – can't even remember the specs but I was happy with it. A
lightning strike fried it's motherboard. also my wife's computer was
fried by a similar lightning strike. (Yes I was using a surge
suppressor but it wasn't rated for lightning strikes.)
So I replaced them – a quick phone call to the insurance company and it
was replaced (I'm happy to say.) Then the computer in my office (mine)
got hit through the modem in a phoneline lightning strike; this was the
strike that blew my answering machine up too. I swapped out the modem
and the computer worked. Bang, would you believe that just a few weeks
later I got hit again? Yup, blew up the modem. Heat – not lightning
finally killed that computer (The processor fan died when I was gone
and it burned up the processor.)
So I finally replaced that computer with the current one – the one that
just got hit yesterday.
Count 'em that's four Lightning strikes killing the various computers
owned by me.
I'm beginning to think it's personal.