New Site

I've been thinking about getting a new domain, and I came up on
MidPhase as a service provider. Unmetered hosting and quite a deal with
storage. It sounded right for me. Thus I've moved in and I plan on
staying here. My email address has changed and I'm having a great time
so far just figuring out what I can accomplish. First in the order of
business I think will be to expand a bit for some files I wanted to
host for my bible study software.
I use two Bible Study Programs. The first is BibleWorks ,
I can't beat it; it's fast, it's powerful and I always turn there first
to create my verse by verse study notes. The second is Libronix,
which is an awesome library program that can catalog and search through
thousands of e-books. My current collection of searchable e-books
titles well over a thousand. Both of the programs have cost me some
money, but both have helped me know more about God and his word
So welcome to the home of truth on the web. It's a welcome place in a
world where the truth isn't always that easy to find.
And that's the truth.