She’s Here

Yesterday was supposed to be routine, boring and dull. It turned into a flurry of activity, phone calls, tears and ultimately joy!

All of this because our as yet unborn baby – no longer qualifies for that phrase. During the diagnostic her heart rate kept dropping precipitously. The Doctor set up more monitoring and finally decided they could help her out here, while in the womb, all they could do was surveill. Not content to merely watch, the Dr. ordered a “C section” after getting our approval.


Since I didn’t have my digital camera with me yesterday, and since cameraphones aren’t allowed in NICU, all I could get is a picture of the picture which was taken and printed by the good folks in the NICU ward at the hospital. I was compelled to leave the actual photo with my wife, since she’s still recovering from surgery and hasn’t been able to see her daughter yet for more than a second or two in the delivery room.

She has the full assemblage of phalanges weighs a scant 3 pounds -2 ounces and cries like a stuck cat. (Not that I’ve ever stuck a cat mind you.)

But this morning we praise God, and I give glory to Him alone for this beautiful child – for she is fearfully and wonderfully made.