The Trouble Without A Sermon Series

I'm a sermon series kind of guy. I like to preach sermon series and I
like to listen and learn from a series. I don't normally function well
in the vacuum of "what am I going to preach on this coming Sunday?" I
know that there are many pastor's out there who never or seldom preach
a series, they prefer to "go to the mountain" to get the week's
message. I've heard a few of them preach and they are sometimes
incredible, and other times less so — just like series preachers.
When I'm in the middle of a series I don't have to "go to the mountain"
but that doesn't mean that I'm not praying through the week. I suppose
one argument in favor of not doing a series is that it forces you to
listen hard for what God might want to say. My problem however, is that
it doesn't tend to build my faith – but rather tears it up. When It's
Wednesday and I don't know what I'm going to preach next, I fret. You
know what I mean.
Give me a series and I can settle into a routine of preaching that
enables me to stretch my mind and focus my thoughts. I think I reap the
benefit of not worrying Monday through Thursday about what I'm going to
preach only to get hit with inspiration on Friday. But when I'm in a
series I know what I'm supposed to preach next Sunday on that Monday.
Thus I'm able to study when the oprotunities arise, and I'm able to
focus my study for a more effective sermon (I think).
So recapping where I've been this summer:

  • I finished a long series on Spiritual Warfare.
  • I spent several weeks on "Five Functions of a faithful Family."
  • I 've done a few other sermons that I've been wanting to get to.

And now I find myself with a choice. I'm eager to do a book study
again – Verse by verse through 1 Timothy. But I also wanted to do a
series on the Creeds of the Church and another on Ancient Heresies (and
how they still matter today). So where to? Additionally I've got to
consider that Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching – and I
dislike interupting a series.
So here it is Wednesday and I've made my decision: I'm heading into the
Pastoral Epistle of 1 Timothy. I've anticipated this one for a long
time. I'm excited. I haven't done a morning book study since Romans
which took me over three years. (I still love Romans, and plan on
posting that series when I get a chance.)
I may start this week, but more than likely next week. Why? Because I
still have a few other special interest messages I want to deliver. I
want a few messages that are focused on nothing but loving God and
worshipping him. I want a few that will help people to just plain live
better on Monday. And then I'll launch into 1 Timothy.
I for one can't wait.