Monthly Archives: January 2006

1 Timothy 1:8-11 The Role Of Law

We live in a free country right? So what's with all the laws? It turns out our founding fathers understood that freedom is not the same as Anarchy. And the same is true in the Christian life. We've been set free of the law's condemnation but that does not mean we devolve into lawlessness.

1 Timothy 1:4-7 The Measure of A Church

As we turn back into the first Timothy this morning we finally get to the first major heading for "Church 101" It has to deal with the focus or purpose of teaching. What should be happening when I step into the pulpit? Or what should be the end goal of Sunday school, Sunday night, or anytime there is doctrine being taught? Paul answers that question in the first Chapter of Timothy verses 4-7. Since we're still close the start of the book, I'd like to read some extra for context let's read verses 1-11.
<Read 1 Timothy 1:1-11>.