Daily Archives: November 15, 2006

J. C. Ryle Collection in PBB format!

“One of the most encouraging and hopeful signs I have observed for many a long day in evangelical circles has been a renewed and increasing interest in the writings of Bishop J.C.Ryle.

In his day he was famous, outstanding and beloved as a champion and exponent of the evangelical and reformed faith. For some reason or other, however, his name and his works are not familiar to modern evangelicals. His books are, I believe, all out of print in this country and very difficult to obtain second-hand.”

A Splash of Gratitude

There’s no dainty way to say it.

    I dropped my Treo 650 in the toilet.

It was a flushed toilet but it was a toilet. What else could I do though?  I plunged my hand into the water and fished it out.  Yes I washed my hands repeatedly after the panic.

When I pulled it out, my well used and yet still new phone immediately began to go on the fritz. The screen began flickering through the entire colorset and drawing random lines. The LED lit up and I heard static. As fast as I could I pulled the battery compartment open and ripped out the battery to stop further electrical damage. I pulled the simtray and the memory card also and wiped everything dry. I lined everything up on the bathroom sink to dry.

From the bedroom I hear my wife: “What was that noise”. It’s a reasonable question since it was 1AM (I had not been to bed yet). Moreover the loud clunk of a $300 smartphone hitting the toilet is not the same as other noises one might expect in the bathroom. (ahem…)

I began to realize just how big of a problem this could be. I have tons of stuff on that thing, Some is irreplaceable. I’ve made updates to a book I’m writing. I have lots of photos’, several several bibles and tons of other stuff. The worst part is, I’ve also got no money to replace it.  Oh, and I hadn’t run a sync / backup recently.