1 Timothy 2:14 No Headship in Sin

Whose fault is it that we are all under sin? The Bible says, in Romans 5 that it is Adam's fault. Oh sure, Eve listened to the snake and was deceived into eating the fruit – but it wasn't until Adam bit the fruit that the eyes of them both were opened. God cursed the Snake because the Snake Sinned (Apparently by agreeing to embody Satan?) God cursed Eve with increased pain in childbirth as well as her relationship with her husband suffering for her own sin; but when God cursed Adam – the head of creation, God cursed the earth itself and then he cursed the work of men, and finally he cursed the life of men with death.

Just exactly who is at fault when it comes down to inherited sin in the human race? Is it Satan – the Snake's fault? No. Is it Eve's fault? Not according to the Bible. Is it Adam's fault? Yes it is. Satan may have sinned first followed shortly thereafter by Eve but it was Adam's sin that caused the condemnation of the race of man. When it comes down to the question of authority in the church; the power to condemn proves that Adam and not Eve has headship.

Please return to 1 Timothy 2:8-15 this morning and prepare again to read verses 8-15. <Read it>

The fourteenth verse runs in parallel to the thirteenth, offering a second reason for Paul's doctrine concerning women teaching men with authority. It is intended to be the second part to an all inclusive argument based on scripture. And I find it intriguing that Paul answers the questions and objections which we can still hear today.

Someone might say, "Well Paul is just saying this because of the Fall. If not for the Fall we wouldn't have this distinction – and since Galatians 3:28 says that in Christ there's no difference between male and female that must mean that Salvation by faith makes it possible for women to hold authority over a man." The answer, however, to that argument is twofold. First I would point out that Galatians 3:28 is a passage concerning salvation by faith no matter what your gender or nationality; it has nothing to do with Church polity or structure. Second I would return to verse thirteen where Paul demonstrates that God has established headship before the fall ever happened. Therefore this is part of God's original plan.

The second objection is the reverse and it goes something like this, "Well Paul is describing God's ideal but we live in a broken world among broken people. If the men won't do the job than the women are going to have to, I mean after all we can't push the ideals of perfection onto a broken environment which is scarred by sin." With that we turn to the fourteenth verse where Paul demonstrates headship not only during the fall but after it as well.

1 Timothy 2:14 "And it was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression."

The first doctrine we notice here is that Adam was guilty not by deception but by choice.

Adam Was Guilty By Choice

it was not Adam who was deceived, Αδὰμ οὐκ ἠπατήθη,

The Bible never once indicates that Adam was deceived when he ate that fruit. And if he wasn't deceived than we have a thornier problem on our hands because the Genesis account does reveal some bothersome details. The first of which is that Adam was apparently with Eve. Apparently all through the temptation he stood there yet remained markedly silent. Why he did this is completely unknown.

It is possible that Adam was not with here in the sense of immediate proximity but was rather with her as her life partner; so that she went and found Adam and gave him the fruit. Either way we do have a clear picture of Eve being deceived and eating the forbidden fruit and then (either immediately or after a search) giving the fruit to Adam who also ate.

The question comes down to "why did Adam Eat when he himself had heard God tell him not to?" Hunger aside the only viable answer to the question as far as I can determine is that he understood clearly that he was violating God's decree and for whatever reason he chose to break that decree and ate the fruit without being deceived. In other words he sinned with his eyes wide open.

I've heard a lot of junk piled on women as if they were the trouble makers of the earth. But don't miss the fact that the sin of Adam is the greater sin.

We may never know why Adam ate that fruit. Maybe it was because he now knew that Eve was going to die and he reasoned that dying with her was not as bad as living without her – kind of a Romeo and Juliet ending.

Whatever the ultimate reason, the guilt of the human race is repeatedly traced to Adam, never to Eve. And please note that it wasn't until Adam ate the forbidden fruit that "The eyes of both of them were opened" and they saw that they were naked and became ashamed because of it. Original sin, or inherited sin if you will – comes from Adam not from Eve. Sin is passed on through the Father. That's why Jesus could be born of the virgin Mary. She was sinful yes, but the sin nature (or lack of it in Jesus' case) comes from dad. Further we note that the Holy Spirit Overshadowed Mary so that the child born of her could be holy even though Jesus shared her genetic material.

Adam sinned on purpose, but Eve was simply deceived.

Eve Was Guilty By Deception

To be deceived means to believe something that is not true, that's what happend to Eve. The word describing Eve's deception includes a prefix which heightens the meaning from "deceived" to that of "completely deceived". So where Adam did not believe the lie, Eve did. She swallowed the hook, the line, the sinker and the whole fishing pole!

Paul isn't implying that Eve's failure was somehow passed on to all women in the form of mental weakness or gullibility. Paul's point is that Eve, as the forerunner of all women failed by being deceived, Adam did not.

Why that matters is discovered by looking at the results of the events of the fall. In the fall of Adam and Eve there was a death penalty. God's promise was that "Dying you shall die", in other words "you're going to start dying the day you eat this stuff and eventually 100% of death will happen." While the physical death was delayed for several hundred years the spiritual death was immediate. But please notice that it was not immediate upon Eve's eating; they both had to wait until Adam ate from the fruit before the eyes of them both were opened. Why is that?

It's because God gave headship to Adam. Adam's headship lead to the corruption of the entire Human Race resulting in universal guilt. Eve's sin merely made her guilty – but it only made her guilty and no one else.

Eve Was Guilty Alone

In the end of the verse it simply says that she "Fell into transgression" But the form of the verb means that she not only became disobedient, she remained there. And yet, I repeat again that the effect of universal sin didn't happen until Adam sinned.

In Romans 5, Paul demonstrates the federal headship of Adam in that his sin is applied to all of the human race. But Eve is mentioned here as a representative of all women.

She was created second and she was deceived and fell into sin. Far from being a statement of gullibility which Eve supposedly passed on to all women this is a statement which again plays on Chronology.

This shows the delineation of authority before the fall in the creation chronology of v13; and now at the fall in the deception of Eve we discover that she had headship only over herself in her sin. If she, as a representative of all women, could not exercise headship over Adam – the representative of all men – at the Fall, why should women then attempt to exercise headship over men today when both creation order as well as the effect of sin demonstrates that God has not given headship to the woman?

When Adam fell (by choice) he took the rest of creation with him. Again it is not an indictment of Eve's supposed gullibility but rather a demonstration of Adam's headship culpability. That is Paul's point.

The fact that Eve could only bring guilt upon herself indicates that God had not given her headship. Therefore a woman should not teach or hold authority over man because it assumes a headship which neither the chronology of creation before sin nor even the results of sin itself can justify.

Gentlemen, headship places the burden of leadership on your shoulders. But your leadership must be a godly leadership. Remember Adam, who's one sin condemned the entire human race to death. And now, remember Jesus: crucified, buried and risen again so that not only the sin of Adam but also our individual sins have been paid for. 2 Timothy 2:8 "Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead…"

Each of us, men and women, and children must know Christ as our Lord and savior. When Adam sinned we all became guilty because we all sinned in Adam. But when Jesus came and died and rose again we gain the chance for new life. If we acknowledge him to be our new head, than we gain the life of Christ.