Chances are good that few people around the world forget where they were or what they were doing when they first heard that the twin towers had fallen. It was an attack on American soil but around the world people stopped and stared as I did on that day five years ago.
I remember clearly where I was and what I was doing. I had been working early in the kitchen via laptop and was buried somewhere in the process of exegesis when my wife called out from the TV room, "Thomas you'd better come in here a plane just hit the world trade center!"
The rest of that morning and throughout the day I was transfixed to the verbal repetition and visual replay of the second plane hitting the second tower and the third striking the Pentagon and the fourth which crashed in a remote field. Like millions, I called my sisters and parents to talk about the unspeakable and to share the unimaginable.
When my dad first answered I asked him how many people worked in those towers and he told me there could be up to fifty-thousand. That is when the first tower fell and I collapsed on the ground with it, weeping like a baby. Whether fifty-thousand or less I knew that thousands of souls had entered eternity without ever expecting it that morning. Even til now I cannot think about 9/11 without tears in my eyes.
This morning the Fox news channel replayed the five year old broadcast of the strikes, the burning towers, the people jumping from the burning buildings and the collapse of the twin towers. I cried again.
Brothers and sisters in Christ, it is time for us to come anew, redoubling our efforts to expand the gospel's message of salvation to the people we know and to those whom we do not. The death of Pentagon employees and workers in the World Trade Center is a clarion call to workers of the gospel to remember the task to which we are called. It is ours to talk of Jesus to a dying world. It is ours to share the universality of sin and the available deliverance from it's effects in this life and the life to come.
I know that many see in the attack a call to arms, a call to peace, a call to this or that ideology; and not all of those are bad. We, however who know the gospel must make it a call to preach the gospel. We must preach Christ because with or without another terrorist attack 3000 people are going to die today. Will they be ready to meet God face to face? Not without Jesus.