Back In Haiti

I'm back in Haiti for another tour of duty – teaching Spiritual Warfare at the Emmaus Seminary in Cap-Haitian.
It's an incredible honor and I assure you that I'm not here because I have all the answers but that it is God that makes me capable. (2 Corinthians 3:5) "Not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider anything as coming from ourselves but our adequacy is from God…" I am here to serve the Haitian People by assisting in the training of it's pastor's – that they through the power of God's almighty Spirit might effect the future course of Haiti both Spiritually (Which is primary) and Physically which is needful in the here and now.
So far the message of the trip has been "Wait!" I spent the entire last two days waiting. It is my least favorite aspect of travel – waiting everywhere. Waiting in airports, waiting on drivers, waiting for luggage, waiting to be picked up, waiting waiting waiting!
Wait upon the Lord will be my task, not merely to passively stare into the distance while I await him to do anything. But waiting actively with my eyes upon him seeking his will and his words that I might be an effective minister of Christ to those who then will minister to their flocks.
It is the greatest privilege of my heart to serve my God in this ministry, and I gratefully anticipate his active grace working through me to strengthen and encourage many others.
And that's the truth.