Blogging the Quran: Sura 2

Sura 2 is called the cow. Apparently it's a reference to the golden calf of Aaron's craftsmanship. (I still can't believe he claimed it came out of the fire all on it's own! (Exodus 32:24) Talk about a kid caught this his hand in the cookie jar, turning around and then starting to "cry" because his arm was being "eaten by the cookies".) Back to the Quran though…
This is, I'm told the longest sura (boy am I glad) it was really tough to wade through. I started making lots of comments which you'll see in just a moment but eventually decided around half way through that I just wanted to get the main idea. Scattered all over this chapter are dozens of warnings against rejecting the Quran. That appears to be the main theme holding it all together.
It begins with a claim that this book is a guide to those who guard against evil.
I'm guessing the sixth verse describes me, "those who disbelieve…will not believe." Yup, that's me.
The opening talks about true believers being just that and unbelievers being just that and fake believers deceiving themselves. Kind of smacks of the book of James actually. (James 1:26)
The eleventh verse starts to get into the meat of the matter. These unbelievers who think they believe, also happen to think they are peacemakers when in fact Allah calls them mischief makers – and they just don't get it.

Now stop right there. I fully anticipate (because of what I've been told, not because of what I've read yet) to find commands later on for Muslims to murder the unbelievers. But here in Sura 2 the idea so far seems to be let Allah take care of them on the last day.

Further down we find a parable. Supposedly I'm like the guy who lit a fire but Allah took the light away. Let me see, I recall a similar passage in the Bible. Jesus is the good sower who sowed good seed and Satan took the word away before it could grow. (Matthew 13:1-23) Yup, parallels are all over the place. That's not a big surprise since the Koran / Quran came some 600 years later.


The 21st verse begins an impassioned plea to serve Allah "who made the earth a resting place…"
Stop right there. For anyone wondering if God and Allah are the same being, they aren't. God, the God of Abraham, Jacob and Me made the earth and in it he placed a garden. There he set the man he made that he might work in the garden. Mind you, work came before the fall. God did not create the earth as a resting place. Allah claims he did. Not the same being no matter what you claim.
Incidentally I'm only obeying the Quran (can't believe I said that) when I state the above.
The 23rd verse says, "if you are in doubt…then produce a chapter like it and call on your witnesses besides Allah if you are truthful."

I call upon the Omnipotent and True God to stand beside his word In Genesis 1-3 (three chapters not just one mind you). Acknowledge O God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and of me that your word is eternal and true and that your word is at enmity with the words of the Quran. Not in my own name do I ask, but in the name of Jesus your son and my savior I ask you to defend your name and your word. So be it.

Sowing to the Flesh

Verse 24 introduces us to that which was earlier alluded, namely a fiery torment (hell) for the unbelievers. Believers on the other hand (v25) get gardens with rivers and "pure mates". Ah, that would be the fabled 70 virgins which a Muslim is supposed to get for blowing himself up and killing women and babies right?
Is it just me or does the Quran cater to the flesh? I mean, what exactly are you going to do with 70 virgins in the afterlife? You know exactly what the implications are. Lots of sex. But is that anything like what The God of Israel offers? No, Jesus tells us that in Heaven there is neither marriage nor giving in marriage (Matthew 22:30, Mark 12:25) and by implication there is no sex going on in heaven. Our hearts there will be turned away from the flesh which is in this life is passing away and will instead be bent towards God and worshipping him. It's a far cry from the promise of having a bunch of virgins. Kind of makes me think all these Muslim clerics are just horny teenagers with long beards.
Can't you see how the Quran caters to the flesh, do you not see how it clouds the minds of it's readers with promises meant to make them destroy life in order to get sexual gratification? It is a sad acknowledgement but a true one. Consider yourselves my Muslim readers and ask yourself what you are running towards. Are you not running towards the very thing you claim to run away from? You claim to pursue holiness but are in pursuit of nothing more than the flesh. Turn from this foolish race and embrace Christ's truth – rejecting the false claims of Mohammad who is himself very likely the prophet of Allah, but Allah is not God I assure you.

Adam and Satan

Sura 2:29-39 starts a longish section on creation. Allah supposedly creates Adam and the angels and teaches Adam to name them. When then Allah tells all the angels to bow to Adam one named "Iblis" refuses because of his pride. (sounds an awful lot like what tcblack described on: Angelology, Demonology and Satanology concerning Satan's possible origins.)
Anyway this whole portion of the second surah is basically a not completely accurate rehash of the first part of Genesis – so I won't spend lots of time writing about it.

Mohammad, Israel and Christianity

Sura 2:40 starts a call to Israel to follow Allah. It mirrors bits of Romans 2:21 and similar Biblical passages. Mention is made of the Exodus and finally we get in 2:51 to the golden calf from which this sura gets it's name.
Or maybe the name comes from Allah's call for a yellow cow to sacrifice in v67 I'm not certain. After a very long and painful to read diatribe accusing the Jews of all kinds of refusing to accept Allah we get to Mohammed's beef in 2:111 "And they say, none shall enter paradise except he who is a Jew or a Christian…"
Mohammad hated Christianity and reacted against it with a very long book of his own version of morality. Of course part of the problem is hinted at in 111-113. Christians claim the Jews are wrong, Jews claim the Christians are wrong and both quote from the same book. It's even worse than that really, hundreds of Christian denominations do the same thing.

The first "mention" of Jesus

Jesus is alluded to in 87, 136, 253rd verses. "some people assert, "God has taken to himself a son!" (2:116) Of course the Quran denies that truth. Once again The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is not the same being as Allah. Jesus comes up again in v 136 where the Quran claims that the Muslim truth was given to him.

The Origin Of the Middle East Conflict

Islam firmly divides between Jew and Muslim at Abraham. When Allah promises to make Abraham a leader because he was obedient, Abraham asks to make his offspring leaders too and Allah's reply is, "My covenant does not embrace Evildoers" (Sura 2:124) That's it and that's that. Just a short way down the Line we discover that the Muslims believe Ishmael was the son of promise. Well how can the Muslims call the Bible respectable if they disagree with everything it says after Genesis 17:19?


There is lots of morality in the Quran, I will give it that. Long passages of the second Sura are dedicated to describing what you can and can't do. I did find the month of Ramadan set out in sura 2 as a time of fasting.


Verse 154 makes an allusion to Islamic martyrs being a good thing because they are really still alive.
Finally in 2:190 we get to war. I knew it had to be in there somewhere after all I've been told.
Interestingly enough all three of my copies start to translate this as a self defense passage. "Fight …those who fight with you…" And by the way, don't fight from a mosque unless they start fighting you there. But boy when they do fight, slay them! "…such shall be the recompense of those who deny the truth." (2:191)
OH, and by the way (sura 2:193) "Fight with them until…religion should be only for Allah" In other words, kill them until they convert to Islam.
I don't want to hear another word about the crusades. Christians sinned by murdering and forced conversion during the crusades. Unfortunately even most Christians are ignorant of the fact that the Crusades were just another phase in a war initiated by Islam. Christians finally took the war to the enemy. Up to that point, Muslims had been encroaching on Christian territory and murdering or forcing conversions. Fortunately for Islam that's part of the goal! Terrorism is alive and well in the Quran.
Reading back through this little segment I understand the interpretation of people like Osama Bin Laden. They consider that anyone who is not a Muslim is a combatant. That's why they kill women and children and call it glorious. They really are being honest with the Quran. They're evil but they are honest none-the-less. Many times they are encouraged to "fight in the way of Allah" (sura 2:244)

Fund a terrorist

From 2:196 we begin a list of rules for the Mecca pilgrimage. I think I remember hearing that every Muslim is required to make the trip once? But even here there is a provision for those who live far away to "just send money". Yeah, great – can't get to Mecca? Fund a terrorist instead.
Lest we Christians feel left out, don't worry all you have to do is fill your gas tank to fund a terrorist. ( Every time we tank up we're funding terror. Multiple times this sura commands Muslims to give money to the war effort. Islam is glad to comply because "Fighting is enjoined" on them. (2:216)

Marriage and Divorce

Marriage and more specifically divorce are a longish section of this sura. Muslim can only marry Muslim. Divorce is cool and you can even remarry if your ex-wife divorces again and you still want her. It's certainly not Christianity or Judaism though (Deuteronomy 24:1-5) which requires more purity in Marriage. Too bad even Christians have a problem obeying God's view on marriage.
It's permanent people!


So far there have been many Biblical Cameo's
Adam is mentioned early on while Abraham is a repeated mention; not to mention Ishmael whom is the progenitor of the Arabs.
Moses sixteen times.
Solomon is mentioned and the Prophet Samuel is alluded to as he anointed Saul as King. King David's victory over Goliath is mentioned as well.
Jesus: appears three times and Mary twice. 2:244 declares Jesus has been blessed with all truth. "we gave Jesus the son of Marry all evidence of truth and strengthened him with holy inspiration."
This is the Jesus who declared: (John 14:6) "…I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me."
There is no way to salvation outside of Jesus. it is not Allah, nor Muhammad. Jesus. He alone is the path to salvation. Even the Quran declares that he is correct, gifted with holy inspiration. If you believe the Quran you must confess Jesus as Lord. It is Jesus who declared, "I and the Father are one." (John 10:30). It is Jesus who claimed to be the Son of God (Luke 22:20, John 3:26, John 5:25, John 10:36, John 11:4) who also accepted worship as God (Matthew 14:33; Matthew 28:9; Matthew 28:17; John 9:38)(Matthew 16:16, John 20:28)and who is God (John 1:1).