Blogging Through the Quran

Inspired in part by the Blogging the Bible series on Slate where David Plotz a self described ignoramus reads the Bible and records his experiences, I have decided to blog through the Quran. I have enjoyed reading Mr. Plotz' work and secretly hoping and praying that God will touch his heart and save his soul in Christ as he reads.
I approach the Koran / Quran (Which is the right spelling anyway?) with a distinctly different view than any Muslim. Just so you know – and you won't have to wonder, I view it as a demon fed book of man-authored delusion. Reading it won't change my mind. That doesn't mean I won't be honest about what I read though. On the contrary I'll do my best to synthesize the text and come up with a real understanding of Islam.
I'm old enough to remember the death sentence pronounced on Salman Rushdie who wrote "Satanic Verses" (These are still in effect by the way.) So I kindly ask you, please don't kill me for giving my opinion. I happen to live in a country where giving my opinion is allowed. You Muslims are, by the way, allowed to say what you want regarding the Bible in America too (yes I know you revere it, but you likewise claim it's full of error.) So quit complaining. Yes I am aware of Muslim claims that the Koran forbids the murder of people because of their religion. I'm investigating those claims in this series, which by the way haven't stopped allot of Muslims from murdering people. Two of the prayer requests in our worship service today were for Christians in Islamic regions who are under death threats by Muslims.

I've been reading stilltruth for a few weeks and saw a call for authors so I decided to throw my hat in here and try writing with anonymity so no-one tracks me down and decapitates me. Perhaps I'm being paranoid. So be it.

So why read the Quran if I don't / won't believe it? because jihad is everywhere and for anyone unafraid to state it: it's clear that while all Muslims are not terrorists, all terrorists are Muslim. Rather than rely on someone else's work, I decided to read it myself and draw my own conclusion. Even President Bush, Tony Blair and others have been recorded many times calling Islam a religion of "peace". I've often been told that " peace " for a Muslim doesn't mean "un-hostile coexistence" but rather "submission" as in – submit to Islam or die. Tired of seeing ignorant rumors like the 9:11 hoax I finally decided that I really must read it for myself. Then I decided to blog it for others to learn by it.

To accomplish this I will be using three tools.

First is Bibleworks, in which I'm using the note feature for various notes – which will eventually become this blog. For this, I am using a copy of the English Quran provided by Mark Eddy and Brian Beers which is located on stilltruth's Bibleworks download page. I'm not sure about the source text and translator.
UPDATE 6/20/2007: I’ve discovered that the Quran in Bibleworks format is the M.H. Shakir translation

Second I'm using Logos Research Systems' copy of the Quran
by Ali, Abdullah Yusuf.
The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an.
Electronic version., 2004.


Cover of the quranThird is a dead tree version provided for free by the council on American Islamic Relations ( CAIR ). In terms of mass this thing could stop a bullet. It's just over 1160 thick pages Every page contains an English translation, the original Arabic, an Arabic transliteration and footnotes by Muhammad Asad. Thank you Mr. Asad for your contribution to my understanding.
I should mention that there are lots of color plates on various pages in Mr. Asad's book containing Arabic letters which I can only assume speak praise about Allah and the blessedness I'm going to get by reading. (Anyone care to verify what some of these say?)

I remember reading some time ago that lots of early artwork was done by Muslims who "converted" under duress. which look Christian – depicting Jesus and other persons and events surrounding Christianity- but which are not Christian because hidden all over the place in these paintings are Islamic words written in a stylized Arabic script which secretly talk about Islam and denounce Christianity; kind of a Da Vinci code for Muslims I guess. If any one can point me to some sources regarding that little fact I would be appreciative.

My goal is to provide a write up every Friday. So look for it then.