Books everywhere

Hello, my name is Thomas and I'm a… a… bibliophile.
in unison the group responds: "Hi Thomas"
I am among friends.
I'm sitting in my office working today and I happened to look down at my desk which is littered with books laying in nearly every conceivable direction, not to mention the stacks of books open at my feet – many of them in complete disarray. I looked up and stared at the rows of bindings on the bookshelf above my desk.
Books above me
Then I turned around and stared alternately at the wall to wall bookshelf behind me, also full of books;
Bookshelf Behind Me
oh and don't forget the overwhelming pile of books recently transported from my church office to my home office but lacking a home shelf to rest on.
Books on the Floor
I then proceeded to muse about the over 2000 titles available to search on my hard drive in Logos format. Not to mention the hundreds if not thousands in PDF format (Ages and more) and the dozens of Bibles and related texts in Bibleworks Format. Then I read Michael Hanel's post Bible software is not a replacement for books. And I instinctively know he's right.
I love books. I'm a full fledged bibliophile and I'm not all so certain that I regret it. With all deference to Michael's article I agree and disagree. I agree wholeheartedly for all the reasons he describes that e-books are not a replacement for dead tree editions. But at the same time I wouldn't trade my e-collection because I love the speed and breadth of searches (even if imperfect). I love downloading books (painstakingly copied and pasted into and subsequently saved to PDB format) to my Palm Treo so I can read them in bed at night (with the back light turned down real low so as not to wake Mrs. Bibliophile.)
But I really love books. Apparently my children do too. Yes, for you sharp eyed fellows out there that really is a collection of Winnie The Pooh books sitting next to my reference grammars. Don't knock the theological wisdom you can gather from "Professor Milne" :-)~
I'm already calculating board feet for two new bookshelves. First I need one for my kids so I can get their books somewhere else. Even then I'm not going to have enough room for mine. I have already parted with some of my books. But because of things like power outages which render my e-library useless and just plain emotional attachment (many of these I bought while at Moody Bible Institute); I can't bear to part with them all. They're just too useful.
At the same time I don't want to be like the fool who tore down his barns to build bigger ones. These books aren't really mine after all, they're God's. They are – every one – dedicated to helping me learn and disseminate the truth. As long as they accomplish that purpose, I'll keep them if I can.