Career Day

Usually when I think of Career days at School I think of doctors, lawyers, farmers or things like that.  How about pastor?  I was invited to do a career day presentation for the k-2 graders in my kids' school.  Why not. Just one question I guess, how do I explain to a bunch of kids how a pastor does his job?  Well how do you explain it to anyone?  I can't just tell a group of kids about funerals, board meetings and confrontations so what else can I tell them?

I tried to boil and simplify and came up with this rough outline which will have to change depending on the class.  I'll do different presentations for each grade level. I'm planning on bringing in my GNT as well as my battered marked up Bible for visual aids.

Anyway, here's my brief outline:

Thanks to your teachers for inviting me in today.

I'm very excited to tell you a little bit about my Job. Some of you know me better as Mrs. Black's Husband but I am also a pastor. For the last eight years I've been serving as the Pastor of Fame Evangelical Church and every day  do all kinds of things.

I've tried to pick two questions that I can ask and then answer but if you think of a question while I'm talking you just raise your hand and I'll try to answer it.

  • What kind of Education does a pastor need?

    • Before a pastor needs an education he needs to have a relationship with God.

      • I had to believe in Jesus and accept him personally so that God would forgive me for the bad stuff I've done.

      • I needed to talk to God by praying and I also read the Bible and by reading it I learned to listen to what God might be telling me.

    • As far as education goes, a pastor needs as much as possible. I have some friends who are also pastors and they've never been to college but most pastors have some college.  Most of the time a college made for pastors is called "Seminary".

      • I attended two colleges on my way to becoming a pastor and would like to attend more.

        • Purdue University where I received an associates degree in Business.

        • That is when I began to think that God might want me to become a pastor.

        • I attended Moody Bible Institute and received a Bachelor's degree in Pastoral Ministry

        • I am considering more college for a masters degree – which is the next level.

        • Education is always a good thing for any job, so you will want to study hard.


    • When I went to school I learned two different foreign languages. German and now Greek.

      • German was just something I learned for fun.

      • But when the New Testament was written it was written in Greek so I needed to learn Greek so I could study the Bible more carefully.

      • Just like you have to learn letters and how to read I had to learn all the Greek letters which look kind of different from the letters you and I normally use.

      • α β γ δ ε ζ η θ ι κ λ μ ν ξ ο π ρ σ ς τ υ φ χ ψ ω

      • I also had to study lots of theology, counseling, history, English and more.





  • What do I do on a typical day?

    • Preaching and Teaching: well not every day, but at least on Sundays and Wednesdays it is what most people see me doing.

    • Study the Bible and Pray

      • Most of you, if you go to church, see the pastor preach on Sunday Mornings and maybe Sunday night as well. I also teach a Sunday School class and the Youth Group

      • So during the week I study the Bible very carefully and I pray so that I can teach it correctly.

    • Counseling:

      • People often come to talk to me or call me on the phone in order to get advice or to help them find a solution to some problem they are facing.

      • I also use counseling time to prepare people for getting married or to help them get ready for something else big in their life.

    • Discipleship

      • Part of what I do is tell people who don't have a relationship with God how they can know him.

      • Every week I meet with different people at different times in order to help them learn how to study the Bible or to help them learn to obey God, or pray.

    • Encouraging

      • I often go to hospitals or to people's homes to encourage them and pray for them.

      • I call people who are going through a hard time and try to encourage them.

      • Some days I don't know what I'll be doing but there's always someone who needs help.