Change is coming

It's about time I do something different with the site design. I've got
some long standing CSS bugs that you may or may not know about. If you
don't know them, I won't point them out 🙂 But they are there and I'm
moving on.
I've once again started testing some other blog software, it's going to
be ahwhile before I can get it up and running but with any luck I'll
have it sooner rather than later.
I like the basic look but it needs flexed.
I like Thingamablog, but I no longer want to have the entire blog on my
computer -and I want to be able to post away from my computer with my
Treo or at the library – whatever.
If you've got suggestsions – post a comment and I'll pursue it as far
as I'm willing and time allows.
But for now, if you've been frustrated with some aspect of the site:
I'll fix that.