Do I really need that Book?

I'm terrible when it comes to buying books.

I'm a bibliophile. I admit it and I do so without remorse. I love books.

Earlier this year when one of the men in our church invited me over to help him build my new book case/desk combination I started giving measurements and he asked, "Do you have that many books?" I simply smiled and said, "Yes, probably more." I was right of course, both book cases are full and I still have several over in the church office waiting to come home.

There is a downside to this love of mine… it costs money – lots of money. A few years ago for tax purposes I tallied all the books I'd bought in Bible College and since; I was able to break the cost out over seven years and it was still a significant amount of money. I absolutely refuse to put a total tally on what I've bought since or the total cost as it stands.

Therein lies the rub.

I love books but the money spent is getting out of hand. So with a new (free!) software tool named Cmap tools I built myself a quick little decision chart to determine if I really need to buy that new book when the next unspeakable deal comes along.

Of course tools only work if you use them but that's another issue entirely 🙂

How about you? Do you really need that new book?

Sound off below. 

NOTE: some people have noticed that there’s a loophole in here on how to get by asking the spouses permission. But I figured (perhaps erroneously?) that if I obtain the cash for the books from an outside source than it was probably alright with my wife if I go ahead and buy it. But by all means if you feel the need to discuss it again with your spouse, go right ahead.