Evil Pastors

James Hamilton over at "for his renown" just published a great little article titled:"The Greatest Danger Facing the Church". Some of the comments on the post are the fake praise "yeah, but the biggest problem is…" kind. But I think James nailed it.
If you recall in Acts 20:29-ff Paul stood on the beach with the Ephesian elders and warned them that some of them would soon rise up and speak perverse things in order to draw away disciples after them; moreover these "savage wolves" will not spare the flock.
Yes, there are evil pastors out there. God forbid that I should be one!

Almighty Father,
I come to you not of my own righteousness but by that of Jesus Christ. I bow my knee to you again this morning in new subjection to your divine will and with humble acceptance to your divine calling on my life. I plea that you will grant me the grace to walk faithfully with you throughout this life, and the privilege of serving you well. God grant that I might be a faithful pastor, holding fast your word and faithfully teaching, upholding and guarding your flock entrusted to me.
Teach me to proclaim your word clearly, powerfully, unashamedly, and all for your Glory. I do not ask this in my own name or for my glory but in the name and authority of your Son and my Savior, Jesus Christ.
So be it. Amen.