Hollywood wants Christian Money…

If it wasn't clear to you yet, Hollywood wants Christian money and Tyndale is willing to help them. Enter The Nativity Story.
The Nativity Story – ComingSoon.net Film Database has the following plot summary.

From humble beginnings, great things can come. "The Nativity Story" tells the extraordinary tale of two common people, Mary and Joseph, a miraculous pregnancy, an arduous journey, and the history-defining birth of Jesus. Brought to life with an unprecendented attention to detail and commitment to historical accuracy, "The Nativity Story" is the very human, very dramatic, and uniquely inspiring saga of a journey of faith. "The Nativity Story", directed by Catherine Hardwicke, written by Mike Rich and starring Keisha Castle-Hughes as Mary and Oscar Isaac as Joseph, opens nationwide December 1, 2006.

Listening to the screenwriter's behind the scenes chat on the official website, it seems he's probably a Christian with good intent. I really hope the movie is award ceremony good. The power of the medium is enormous; moving Phyllis Tickle to state,

"More theology is conveyed in, and probably retained from, one hour of popular television than from all the sermons that are delivered on any given weekend in America's… churches." (Source: David Ormsbee. ed. The Cedarville University Torch. "Christians and the Movies" Summer 2006. p13)

It would be nice if lots of Christians told Hollywood with their money that they want good family friendly movies, and even nicer if h-wood listened. But t I don't hold out much hope for h-wood getting the concept right.
It's not just that we want more "Bible stories" (gotta admit the original script is awesome!) We want to be able to go to a movie without being ashamed, embarrassed or disgusted. We want … well, what do we want?
Fact is, we get a good movie from h-wood about once a year, sometimes more. But we're not satisfied because most of what gets pumped out of the studios is filth. I've not done the figures but for every one family friendly movie it seems there's a host of unfriendly ones. Apparently Hollywood wants Christian money, but only so much of it. There is much more to be made elsewhere.
Lot's of other people groups have money to spare – often outflanking your average Christian. Moreover, with nothing but temporal entertainment to live for they have a deeper hunger for the temporary fix the film makers offer them.
So you tell me. Is the cure really "fixing" Hollywood? Or is it helping to guide someone into a life worth living, a life full to it's brim with joy – a life in Jesus Christ? I know my movie tastes have changed as a result of knowing Jesus.
Friends, if we want more "Christian friendly" movies, we don't just need a Christian oriented Hollywood, we need more Christians. Trust me, if revival comes, Hollywood will follow. After all they want your money.
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