Horatius Bonar Collection in PBB format

Horatius Bonar was born at Old Broughton, Edinburgh, Scotland, whose brother was Andrew Bonar. Following his education at the University of Edinburgh, he maintained an active and powerful ministry for more than half a century pastoring churches in that area until his death. Throughout his life Bonar avoided all sensationalism and was calm, patient, sincere, solemn and a steady writer. His tracts and books are well-received and well-read in all Christian circles. He wrote well over 600 hymns of which more than 100 are still in use. Bonar has been described as "the prince of Scottish hymn-writers." The following lines taken from one of his hymns express Bonar's view of the work of his glorious Saviour, Jesus Christ-

"Glory be to Him who loved us,

washed us from each spot and stain.

 Glory be to Him who bought us,

 made us kings with Him to reign!

Glory, glory, to the Lamb that once was slain!"

God bless!