Islam cannot tolerate truth

Truth is not a part of the religion of Islam. Hatred and violence are integral. Oh, sure there are lots of moderate muslims willing to declare otherwise. Either they’re not brave/stupid enough to say so in public or they really don’t believe that. Whatever the case, it’s clear that moderate Muslims don’t have the power to stop the “true believers”.
I note for example a portion of this article:
Muslims Behead Editor – J. Grant Swank Jr.

They’re at it again.

Mohamed Taha’s body was discovered mutilated. His feet and hands had been tied up. His head, cut from his body, lay nearby, per Reuters via Sudan Tribune.

He had been dragged to a dirt street in a middle-class residential neighborhood of Khartoum.

The Sudanese newspaper editor had been snatched by Islamics threatening with weapons.

Sudan is rampant with kidnapping, rape and murder, especially in ravaged Darfur; however it does not often occur in the capital. Nevertheless, Taha has been set as an example not to follow if one wants to stay alive.

“‘This is very dangerous. It is the start of something terrible. It is an attack on freedom of the press but it will not succeed,’ said journalist Maysaun Abdel Rahman, who works for a newspaper.”

Taha baited the Muslim murder enthusiasts by printing truth. Truth cannot be tolerated by Allah’s zealots. Truth must take a back seat to Koran fanaticism.

Why don’t we hear these stories on American media? Even Fox News doesn’t run this kind of story. I have a feeling that political correctness really does run the media in America. (Not that I ever doubted that).
Whatever the case, it’s time for us to pay attention to reality. Islam has but one goal – to rule the world and rid the world of every non-muslim in the process.