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“One of the most encouraging and hopeful signs I have observed for many a long day in evangelical circles has been a renewed and increasing interest in the writings of Bishop J.C.Ryle.

In his day he was famous, outstanding and beloved as a champion and exponent of the evangelical and reformed faith. For some reason or other, however, his name and his works are not familiar to modern evangelicals. His books are, I believe, all out of print in this country and very difficult to obtain second-hand.”

So wrote Dr Martin Lloyd-Jones in 1956 for the reprint of Ryle’s Holiness by James Clarke & Co Lloyd-Jones being a great leader among non-Anglican Evangelicals during the 1950’s.

Lloyd Jones said that he just happened to “stumble across” Ryle’s Holiness in the 1930’s in a second-hand bookshop. “I shall never forget the satisfaction “ spiritual and mental “ with which I read it.” He, then, summarizes Ryle and his work like this:

“The characteristics of Bishop Ryle’s method and style are obvious. He is pre-eminently and always scriptural and expository. He never starts with a theory into which he tries to fit various scriptures. He always starts with the Word and expounds it. It is exposition at its very best and highest. It is always clear and logical and invariably leads to a clear enunciation of doctrine. It is strong and virile and entirely free from the sentimentality that is often described as ‘devotional’.

The Bishop had drunk deeply from the wells of the great classical Puritan writers of the seventeenth century. Indeed, it would be but accurate to say that his books are a distillation of true Puritan theology presented in a highly readable and modern form.”

Taken from “J. C. Ryle – The Man, The Minister and The Missionary” – by David Holloway.

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