Jim West’s Stinging Indicment…

Dr. Jim West quotes Kenneth Daniel. with a long series of intended rebukes for the "silent" clergy of America regarding the Israel -v- Hezbollah conflict. I was going to let it roll till I came to:

I ask you, when did the God of compassion, inclusion, tolerance and forgiveness become the God of retribution, condemnation and punishment?

Just a second, but is not God's own declaration of his name both compassionate and just? Does not God visit sinners with punishment if they reject him? Does not God forgive and punish? Yes he does. Those that reject him he punishes. Those who snub their noses in His face he tolerates for now – has provided for their redemption – and yet he will one day bring his retribution upon them. Ever heard of hell Dr. West? Yeah, that is retribution.
Certainly doesn't answer much about Hezbollah and Israel but I'll post more about that later.