John Angell James Collection in PBB format

John Angell James, (1785-1859) was a decided Calvinist in doctrine and beautifully balanced his convictions with practical piety in his life and his ministry. He preached and wrote to the common man and woman of every age group and station in life. He was held in high esteem as a preacher and author, yet he was a humble and unpretentious man.

"It is my purpose, as God shall assist me by His grace, to labor more carefully for the edification, consolation, and spiritual improvement, of those who through grace have believed."

"My design is to aid the Christian in the practice of Scriptural truth. My purpose is not to lead the theologian through the intricate labyrinths of controvers or into the depths of profound Biblical knowledge. The highest object which my literary ambition has ever led me to seek, or my own consciousness will ever lead me to hope that I can obtain, is to assist the believer in the path of life."