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In order to read the following Personal Book Builder books you must have the Libronix Personal Book Builder Reading key.

Assembled Compiled By Tony Garland
Testimony of Jesus Christ A Commentary on the Book of Revelation.
Assembled by Joe Kreifels
Compiled By John Minter
John Gill: Exposition of the Entire Bible
Compiled By Thomas Arvidson
John Wesley’s Notes on the Bible
Compiled by Barry Hoover
Prayer of Jabez_Spurgeon
The Prayer of Jabez (Philpot)
Sermons of J.C. Philpot (PBB)
Sermons of J.C. Philpot (Note File)
Sermons of J.C. Philpot (PBB and Notes together)
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
The Distinguishing Marks of the Work of the Spirit of God
(Distinguishing marks was originally written in Annotations format by Rich DeRuiter and compiled by Barry H.)

Compiled By Bob Smith
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John McComb The Following PBB Books were Created By John McComb and Compiled By Keith Larson.
The Divine Comedy by Alighieri Dante
The Septuagint – English Translation by Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton
Wesley’s Notes on the Whole Bible by John Wesley
The following book is the poor mans version of the Early Church Fathers, Volume I.: Early Church Fathers – Volume I
Early Church Fathers in Greek
Books by G.K. Chesterton
St. Thomas Aquinas
What’s Wrong With The World
The Innocence of Father Brown
The Wisdom of Father Brown
Club of Queer Trade
The Trees of Pride
The Man Who Was Thursday