Libronix PBB: More Than a Calvinist

A Libronix PBB of John Newton's "More Than a Calvinist" is available for download. The file is only around 32 kb and should be saved to My Documents\Libronix Resources or wherever you prefer to keep your PBB files. This was made on a 3.0 system.
A friend mentioned this short work to me recently and I enjoyed reading it so thought it worth sharing. If you would like to read the letters of John Newton you can find them here. And, of course, it is permissible to hum "Amazing Grace" while you read.
(Libronix users click here to read Amazing Grace)
Thank you, Thomas, for hosting this site. I notice your site meter is approaching five digits! Will there be a prize for the 10,000th visit?
Blessings to all,
Barry H