My Church Is Making Me Move!

Well it's not as bad as it sounds. Our current parsonage is over a
hundred years old and is consequently developing more problems by the
day. Without giving you a laundry list here of all the problems – let
it suffice that they were sufficient in quantity and severity for the
church to decide it was time to build a new parsonage. That's been
going on for the last few months and moving day is Saturday. That, I
hope, explains the long delay between posts lately.
Trust me the move is a good thing, but I've come to remember just how
much I dislike the whole box it all up and try to take it with you,
experience. It reminds me as well that we can't take it with us when we
move out of this life.
I could attempt to wax eloquent about all the parallels to moving and
salvation but let me just provide a few thought phrases and let that be

  • U-Haul doesn't follow you to heaven.
  • There's a lot of junk/sin to be removed as we prepare to go to our destination.
  • We
    too easily accumulate worthless things in this life – imagining they
    will make us happy, but when time comes to leave it behind we realize
    just how unimportant it is.
  • It's hard work! Neither moving, nor the Christian journey is easy – but it's worth it.

And that's the truth.