New Libronix PBB books

From the Logos Newsgroup, actually from Don (don't know his last name) who posted these in the files group.

Confessions of St Patrick

Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant

From Barry H on the Newsgroup:

"In 1880 he (Grant) frustrated the efforts of influential friends to secure his nomination for a third term in the White House. In a financial venture in 1884, with the unprincipled Ferdinand War, Grant lost his entire savings and was reduced to a state of poverty. To recoup his fortunes he accepted an offer of the 'Century Magazine' to write about his war experiences. This proved so successful that he undertook an autobiography which, honest and straightforward, was completed a few days before his death of throat cancer. The two volume 'Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant,' published by the firm of Mark Twain, sold 300,000 copies and earned $450,000 for his widow; it is considered one of the greatest autobiographies in the English language."

Milton's "Paradise Regained"

Johan Wyss "Swiss Family Robinson"