The “perfect” format for a dead tree Bible!

I have been looking for years for a bible that would have enough room to write substantial notes in the margins. I even sent mockups of my requests to various producers a few years ago. Basically I've been looking for wide margins that were really wide. I consider 1 inch margins to be a joke. I study my Bible and like to make notes… copious notes. My Bibles are a flood of arrows and underlines and tiny – impossible to read notations.
The ESV Journaling BibleI would often wonder, "What if someone created a Bible with all the text on the left page and lined paper on the right page? That would provide me enough space to take all my notes with me! Almost in answer to my question I stumbled onto the English Standard Version's mockup of "The Journaling Bible" (Journaling Bible Coming Fall 2006).
It's not exactly what I've thought of as the perfect format, but it certainly comes close.