Powerless And Cold

I'm powerless and I've grown cold. something happened last night that shouldn't have. A connection was severed – several I guess and it will take a lot of work to repair it.
But with the broken connection comes another price. I and everyone arround me it seems have grown cold. I am powerless. I have grown cold and there's nothing I can do about it but hope someone else will restore the connection.
I'm talking about downed power lines and out of order furnaces. It's cold in here.
But it does give me reason to pause and think about feeling disconnected from God and the resulting coldness of heart we sometimes encounter.
What do you do in the cold times? I'll testify this morning that the answer is not like waiting for the experts at the power company to complete their jobs. The answer to spiritual coldness is repentance.
The first cause of separation is sin. In fact, it is the cause. Because of sin, people are separated from God. I'm not only talking about unbelievers but about believers who willfully or unwillfully walk out into sin. Repentance is their cure.
I don't need to belabor the point (and it's really hard to type this on my Treo with cold hands).
So let me ask you this: are you cold? Turn back to the Father. Open his word and seek for his presence. Repent and be restored. But whatever you do don't let the coldness in your heart keep you away from the heat.