Some of My Da Vinci Code Resources

I have spent so much time researching The Da Vinci Code as well as the gospel of Judas and Gnosticism that I thought It might be useful to others out there to enjoy some of my links that I’ve used for research on the Internet.

Just the Facts: Quotes and Information

Time: teleconference with the likes of Mark Mittelberg, Lee Strobel and others.

Dan Brown’s Website is full of pictures, quotes and all sorts of goodies just waiting for your perusal.

Wikipedia is a great and free resource for information that is usually accurate.
Be sure to search them for all kinds of phrases and links. Plus if you need free pictures the commons on Wikipedia is a great place for copyright free stuff.

The Priory of Sion is a website set for debunking the junk about The POS. It needs a visit as well.

Here’s another Priory eye opener, especially the last paragraph.

Want to learn about Opus Dei? Search their website for starters…

Sermon Ideas and Illustrations:

The Book (C’mon most of Dan Brown’s leaps of “fact” are just so easy for someone with a cursory concept of history to debunk.) of which I am a contributor the makers of the NET Bible created a supercategory for the DVC.

Not to be missed is Jeff Millers Combined PowerPoint and MP3 speech in the Da Vinci Code Discussion Forum.


I made my own. had a freebie from Josh McDowell. has a big selection of Video’s on demand.

PowerPoint Templates:

I won’t pay for these, why should you?

Here’s one I made for Judas’ gospel.

Here’s one I made for the Da Vinci Code.


Radio Bible Class has a great website and you can order enough of their booklets for your whole church!

Christianity today has a short one called 5 Big Questions from the Da Vinci Code.