Toolbars you absolutely need in Libronix

Libronix is nice, but I really dislike the way it automatically positions my windows. I know I can turn that off, but it turns out to be even worse for me. So I leave that function on. And then I reposition my books using one of these two toolbars.
IMHO they are a must have:

  • Arange Windows Toolbar – 50+ preset window positioning options for building your workspace.
    image has been cut to fit
  • Adjust Windows Toolbar – Options for rearranging and resizing your windows


  1. Download these into your toolbar folder which is probably: …\my documents\Libronix DLS\CustomToolbars
  2. Restart Libronix and enjoy using these extremely useful toolbars!

Maximum Kudos to Andrew MacKenzie for building these and providing them!