What Does Listening To God Mean?

Open BibleWhat Does Listening To God Mean?
If you ask a stack of people what it means to listen to God, you'll probably get quite a few of them giving responses bent around the warm fuzzy feeling they get in their heart. But where is the measuring line to determine if what I'm "hearing" "feeling" is really God talking?Quite a few atrocities are committed in the name of God, because people believed they were obeying Him. If I'm not mistaken Andrea Yates murdered her children because she thought she'd messed them up so badly the only way to "fix" them was to kill them. In a way I suppose she thought she was doing God's bidding. So we need a ruler, a guideline or a plumb-line to decipher God's voice from our own or worse… Satan's.
Enter: an article on Challies Dot Com: Truth and Authority on Larry King Live. What happens when a group of pro/anti homosexual religious people show up on Larry King's talk fest? Well an interesting exchange but that's not my point. Barely 1/3 into the article the editor at Challies makes what I've taken to be a profound statement concerning Openly Gay Bishop Gene Robinson's insistence that he is a Bishop because God told him to be one as he prayed.

It struck me as interesting that, when faced with a difficult decision, Robinson turned to prayer, and sought to hear God's voice through prayer. Apparently he did not turn to the Bible which would have been perfectly clear on the Scriptural qualifications for a man who wishes to be a pastor or bishop. This is all too common in our day, as more and more people seek God's voice, but without reading His Word.

That's the secret: actually reading and believing the words stuck between the faux leather binding of the Bible.
I guess the question is this: do we or don't we believe that God has revealed truth in his word? The answer to that my friends is slightly more complex than just saying "Yes I do." In fact I think the answer is obvious when it comes down to what you and I do as we determine to seek truth.
So were are you looking for truth?
It's in the book.