When God’s Word Doesn’t Make Sense

For Dan’s sake I’ll respond to the point of his post. 😉

God doesn’t waste ink. All those passages which we stare blankly at until the drool drips from our beards are passages that matter to God. Therefore they must matter to us. Fools and unbelievers are free to Ignore or mock. But we must wrestle with it – if not until it is clear for all, at least until God has made it clear for us in the practical way he envisioned when he first moved the author to pen it.

I was desperately seeking a quote which I simply know is in Heiko Oberman’s biography of Luther: Man between God and the Devil. In it, Luther describes his dogged determination with a text which bothers him. He wrestles it like Jacob wrestling with the Angel. Not that he might walk away victorious having dominated the text but rather that the text might finally yield it’s blessing which God so intended.

That being said, we all come across texts which no amount of wrestling seems to render clear. Perhaps we give up too soon. Like Joash we should have struck our arrows five or six times instead of only three (2 Kings 13:14-19). Or perhaps we have come across a passage which God will hold in reserve for our sake at another time. But it is God’s word and we must by nature of our confession of faith trust that God in His inimitable wisdom has written truth. We then doubtless hope that God’s Spirit will some day remove the blinders from our poor miserable eyes and grant us another glimpse at his glory.

If instead of granting a small measure of satisfaction in teaching us in this life; our Father chooses to bring us into his presence to live with him forever. I like Dan fully expect all my questions and wrestlings to evaporate in the consuming presence of my blessed God when I shall simply bow in adoration of the full revelation of my savior.

In God I trust.