Who is D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones?

Now you can read his biography in LDLS with the following PBB book:

The Preacher
Biography of D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones


When, a couple of years ago, a young man ‘phoned me one evening and said that he was proposing to write a book about my husband, I am afraid that I was not very encouraging. Iain Murray’s official biography was about to appear; Christopher Catherwood, our eldest grandson, was thinking out a shorter appreciation to be included in his Five Evangelical Leaders. What could this young man, who did not even know him personally, have to add to what was already written? There is no doubt about it, I was downright discouraging.
But I was wrong, and I am glad that John Peters was not going to be put off by my somewhat unenthusiastic acceptance of his determination to write. For this is a good book, and I am happy to give it my warm commendation – and the family is in complete agreement with me. The author is not afraid to report the criticisms of MLl-J as well as the praises, while his own opinions are quite obvious. His familiarity with the books themselves has amazed me, and his comments and annotations are copious and useful.
I very much enjoyed reading this book, and I pray that this may be the experience of many.
May the Lord greatly bless both the book and its author, and use it to His glory.


JOHN PETERS, The Preacher – Biography of D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (Joseph Kreifels).

God bless!