Why I’m Delaying in My Study of 1 Timothy

Some of you are doubtless wondering why I'm delaying in my study of 1 Timothy. It has little to do with dallying. It is simply that I have come upon one of the most hotly debated texts in scripture. I want to ensure that I "get it right". To that end I was again reading a blog from Andreas Kostenberger today titled Biblical Foundations » 1 Timothy 2:12 Once More. There he makes an excellent observation concerning proper exegesis.

The challenge is not for us to find a scholar who happens to agree with us and then pit "our" scholar against those supporting the views of others. Rather, we ourselves have a responsibility to study to show ourselves approved by God, rightly handling the word of truth (2 Tim. 2:15).

So I'm studying. I've gone back and forth on my own translation of the text, but it's coming. And now I'm getting close.