A Splash of Gratitude

There’s no dainty way to say it.

    I dropped my Treo 650 in the toilet.

It was a flushed toilet but it was a toilet. What else could I do though?  I plunged my hand into the water and fished it out.  Yes I washed my hands repeatedly after the panic.

When I pulled it out, my well used and yet still new phone immediately began to go on the fritz. The screen began flickering through the entire colorset and drawing random lines. The LED lit up and I heard static. As fast as I could I pulled the battery compartment open and ripped out the battery to stop further electrical damage. I pulled the simtray and the memory card also and wiped everything dry. I lined everything up on the bathroom sink to dry.

From the bedroom I hear my wife: “What was that noise”. It’s a reasonable question since it was 1AM (I had not been to bed yet). Moreover the loud clunk of a $300 smartphone hitting the toilet is not the same as other noises one might expect in the bathroom. (ahem…)

I began to realize just how big of a problem this could be. I have tons of stuff on that thing, Some is irreplaceable. I’ve made updates to a book I’m writing. I have lots of photos’, several several bibles and tons of other stuff. The worst part is, I’ve also got no money to replace it.  Oh, and I hadn’t run a sync / backup recently.

While searching for remedies I found a few people who have suffered similarly like this guy on Treo Today: 10 Things I can’t do without my Treo. Fortunately for him it recovered the next day

So this morning I pulled out my wife’s hairdryer and began hoping against hope that I could bring it back to life.  After what I was certain was long enough I slipped the battery back into place and flipped it over to look at the screen… Success!  The lights came on and the boot screen began doing what it should.  I replaced all the other items and turned on the cell radio and placed a call.  Everything works and nothing was lost!

Now that it’s over I’m troubled by my response.  I wasn’t particularly thankful.  Can you blame me?  This morning I got to thinking about Job … giving thanks … when his children were dead and his property was stolen.  He stood up, tore his clothes and said “blessed be the name of the Lord” (Job 1:21).

The fact that he tore his clothes means he certainly wasn’t happy about the turn of events but he gave praise to God despite his feelings.  Because he knew God was good.  Because he knew God was powerful.  Because he knew God. 

In retrospect I am able to look back today and thank God for the experience… now that it’s over.  But I’m also left pondering what does it take to generate a thankful heart in every circumstance?

As the Lord permits I will address that very question on Sunday.

Oh, and on the bright side, my wife said she’ll never ask to borrow my phone again.  😉