I've gone Treo! I found a factory refurb Treo 650 on the Cingular
website. I got it at what seems to be a bargain. It arrived and I
activated it in just a few minutes (after charging it) and after using
it for a week, I really like it. Which is good, because it's going to
have to be my phone for a year or more (heavy emphasis on the "more"!)This
thing is ton's more powerful than my first computer, in fact if I could
just find some dongle that would let me run a full sized monitor with
it, I could get a bluetooth keyboard and use it for my computer. It has internet access (unlimited plans are a must) email, documents to go for writing sermons on the road; it has a small camera that takes decent pictures:
Picture of a baby smiling
Anyway's it's a hope that I'll be able to use this as a tool rather than as a toy. I want to get more things done.
Next step? Figuring out how to use the treo for blog posts.