Monthly Archives: January 2007

Ah, Chocolate

sweetriot If you're gonna do chocolate for that special someone on Valentines day do it like this. Take cacao (chocolate) beans, coat them with 70% dark chocolate and add a touch of espresso and you've got a very small chocolate snack that is more satisfying than an entire Hershey bar.

Visual Markup Palettes

Here is a zip file of the current versions of palettes I use in Libronix… They require at least version 3.0 and should be unzipped and installed in your “My Documents\Libronix DLS\VisualMarkupPalettes” directory. (You may need to create it.)

Work on the Pocket PC program continues to go faster than I thought… The real question will be if i am going to try to support formatting or linking at all… I promise to post a demo soon…

God Bless…

PBB Favorites

Back in November of 2006 LimJK built a favorites file for Libronix PBB’s which had been posted on this site up until then. That means of course that it’s not quite up to date but at least it’s a start for those interested.
I’ve also included Barry H’s Merging Favorites Tutorial.