Daily Archives: April 17, 2007

On Salvation (Part 3)

People of the earth, hear the word of the Lord – the Creator of heaven and earth.

I, the Lord, the God of Israel, will never abandon the poor and needy.

My Servant will bring justice to all who have been wronged. He will not stop until justice prevails throughout the earth. Thru my Servant, I will restore the people of Israel to me. My Servant will be a light to the gentiles and bring my salvation to all of the earth.

My Servant will be a symbol of my covenant with you, Israel. I have ransomed you, Jacob’s descendants, and you are mine. I chose you to know and believe in me; that I am the only God. No one can take anything from my hand, or undo what I have done. You, Israel, belong to me. I will blot out your sins for my sake, and will never recall them; I do this to honor my word, not because you deserve it. So, return to me for I have paid the price for your sins. Do not question what I have done or why; just repent and return to me.

Loving Your Neighbor

According to a Mexican legend, San Ysidro was plowing his garden when an angel appeared: “The Lord wants to see you, Ysidro. Come with me.” But Ysidro was busy. He refused the command.

Again the angel appeared: “Unless you come at once, the Lord will send winds and drought to wither your corn.” Ysidro was unperturbed. He had fought the wind before; drought could be relieved by river.

Twice more the angel appeared, but Ysidro would not leave his work. The fourth time, the angel said simply: “If you do not come with me, the Lord will send you a bad neighbor.”