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Incredible early Christian recording! Songs are: 1) The Trumpet of Jesus 2) Finish What You Started 3) I’d Rather Believe In You 4) Any Good Time At All 5) Be Still My Soul 6) There’s No Time Till You Take It 7) Pieces 8) Into My Life 9) Seek Ye First

Into My Life

Sorry to post another one so quickly. This is actually related to my post on Isaiah and is a song that God has had me wake up huming every day for two weeks now. It is a wonderful song, with a beautiful meaning.


This is the title of a wonderful song on The Imperials “Priority” CD. One of the best CDs that they ever produced in my mind. As it turns out, it was a cover song. This song was originally written by Birtle and Goble “The Last Romance.”

But, read the lyrics. This song is all about how to obtain salvation – both as described in Isaiah and in Hebrews. Salvation is obtained when we repent, choose not to follow our own path, but instead choose to follow the path of God – which is the atoning sacrifice of the Servant – Yeshua of Nazareth (who would be called the everlasting Father).

Into My Life

I was down Kentucky way chasing my rainbow,